Cormorant in the media

December 2013 – Terry was interviewed on the Network 10 Wake Up! breakfast programme about the progress of the Abbott government.

Watch here August 2013 – Terry was interviewed n the New Zealand TV3 programme The Nation’s 2013 election profile of Tony Abbott.

Watch here November 2010 – Terry was interviewed on the 7.30 Report talking about the November 2010 Victorian election.

Watch here On 18 October 2013 the Australian Centre for Health Research released a discussion paper written by Terry Barnes on reintroducing co-payments for GP services. The report was covered in depth by The Australian.

Since leaving politics, Terry Barnes has become a regular writer of opinion and comment articles on social and political issues, especially healthcare. Agree or disagree with him, his articles attract interest and robust comment. Once, Terry even has found himself quoted positively by both sides in the same federal parliamentary debate!

Terry’s articles have been published in newspapers, journals and opinion websites including The Age, The Australian, The Australian Financial Review, The Spectator Australia, ABC’s The Drum and Quadrant Online. His Age articles are syndicated online through the National Times opinion website and Fairfax affiliates including He has been published in Canada and New Zealand as well as Australia.

Terry is quoted in newspapers and has appeared on radio and television in connection with his policy and political expertise, articles and expert knowledge of current issues.